An effective committee structure helps make a Homeowner Association (HOA) strong.  The committees help lighten the load of HOA by focusing on specific tasks that are assigned by the Board of Directors.  The following committees outlined below were created:

Architecture Review Board
The committee has the responsibility for reviewing all request for architectural changes proposed by residents of the community, interpret the architecture guidelines, approve/deny changes, and advise the Board of Directors on architectural covenant violations.

Social  (inactive)
The committee has the responsibility for the planning and conducting of events that would provide opportunities for fellowship among the residents of Shearon Farms. Such events, in the past, have been a fall pig pickin’, summer pool party and movie night in the pool parking lot.

The committee has the responsibility of helping to plan a long term roadmap to improve the landscaping or other capital improvement projects that will benefit the neighborhood.

In addition to the responsibilities listed above, the committee has responsibility of monitoring the condition of the grounds of the single family side of the neighborhood. This includes the condition of all shrubs, trees, flower beds and general landscaping to help maintain an aesthetically pleasing community, which intern keeps real estate values high. Reports should be made to the Board concerning any areas of concern in order that actions can be taken by the Board.

Street Light Pole project

Source for Street Poles

Outreach (inactive)
The committee has the responsibility of keeping aware of new persons [owners and renters] who move into the SF Single Family HOA. The committee will contact the new resident to welcome them to the neighborhood and provide them with a gift basket. Also, the committee will help to ensure they have a copy of the covenants, rules and regulations and any other information related to life at SF Single Family HOA. The Committee will report to the Board of Directors about new residents.

In addition to the responsibilities listed above, the committee has the responsibility research philanthropic events the community would like to get involved.

Neighborhood Watch (inactive)
The committee has the responsibility of coordinating the neighborhood watch program with all Wake Forest Public Safety Departments and to communicate to the Board of Directors of issues or notifications keeping the neighborhood safe.

General Roles and Responsibilities for Committee Members

Below is a generic list of specific duties that might be contained in a committee charter, along with a general description of what the committee is supposed to do.

1. Act as a single point of contact (SPOC) for the Board of Directors
2. Schedule and manage monthly (and ad-hoc) meetings
3. Establish line of communication protocol with committee members and Board of Directors
4. Provide a monthly status report to the Board of Directors
5. Attend monthly HOA Board of Director meeting (twice a year)
6. Escalate issues to the Board of Directors
7. Prepare and submit proposed annual budget to the Board of Directors

General Member
1. Attend monthly (and ad-hoc) meetings
2. Provide input to annual budget
3. Prepare communications to be sent to community
4. Research and suggest community projects/events
5. Plan and carry-out community projects/events

If you would like to get involved in your community, the HOA currently needs volunteers.

If you are interested, please contact the HOA President.

The Board of Directors appreciate and extend a sincere thank you to those who are giving their time to serve our community.