Street Light Pole Project

Final Update 8/26/2018

The town refused to agree to replace the final pole because of the poles across the street on the town homes side of Shearon Farms Blv. The last pole will not be upgraded to LED and in fact the town plans to remove it. The total number of poles updated to LED is 27.

Duke Energy and Town of Wake Forest signed contract

Updated 9/23/2017

The Street Light Pole project is almost complete. The Beautification committee is working with the town of Wake Forest’s Mike Barton Director of Public Works and Cooper Dumas of Duke Energy to get the final pole replaced on the 9721 Clover Bank’s property by the Shearon Farms sign.

The SFSH HOA board has decided to go with the black street lights and poles.

Duke Energy is covering the cost of the installation since the lights have been upgraded to LED and saves Duke Energy money. Wake Forest’s Mike Barton Director of Public Works has signed the contract with Duke Energy covering the 28 lights.

This includes 28 lights and poles 
4 Corktree 
5 Overglen
3 Precious Stone
2 Clover Bank
5 Rainsong
9 Shearon Farms Blv (SFSF Homes  South  side of street starting at Clover Bank ranch)


Street Light black