Upcoming Events

2019 Shearon Farms Single Family HOA Events

HOA Meeting Date

  1. December 2 (HOA 2020 Budget Approval Meeting at Richland Creek)

HOA Social Event Date – Community event with food, drink and fun for the entire family plus a great way to meet your neighbors.

  1. Date TBD

HOA Yard Sale Date – Community event that gives all an opportunity to get rid of those unused items that still have some value.

  • Yard Sale Date — March 16th

Please take note of these events; details regarding each event will be sent to homeowners one to two weeks prior to each event. Volunteers will be needed so if you have interest in helping coordinate any of these listed events please contact a SFSF HOA Board Member or by emailing president@shearonfarms.com.

1 Response to Upcoming Events

  1. Gina Ward says:

    I need the list of approved exterior colors

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