The Shearon Farms Single Family Homeowners Association was incorporated by the developer prior to the initial sale of homes, and the Covenants and Restrictions (C&R) were recorded when the property was subdivided.  There is no mutual agreement between buyer and seller regarding the C&R, they are legally defined to “run with the land”. If an owner sells the encumbered land/ home, he ceases to be a member of the association and the new owner is forced to become a member.  Each homeowner is responsible for adhering to the rules and requirements set forth in the C&R for their property.  Each homeowner should read the C&R carefully before beginning any home improvement project. Generally, any change to the landscaping, topography and exterior of a home requires the approval of Architecture Review Board.

Please see the link below to the Covenants and Restriction as they are applicable to all single family residents.  If you have a concern, please contact the HOA Board.

Shearon Farms Covenants

Shearon Farms Single Family Articles

Shearon Farms HOA Proxy Form

Shearon Farms Community Map

HOA/Uniform Procedure for Lien Enforcement

HOA Lawn and Plant Bed Guidelines

Shearon Farms By Laws

SFSF HOA Rules and Regulations

North Carolina Planned Community Act