The Shearon Farms Single Family Homeowners Association was incorporated by the developer prior to the initial sale of homes, and the Covenants and Restrictions (C&R) were recorded when the property was subdivided.  There is no mutual agreement between buyer and seller regarding the C&R, they are legally defined to “run with the land”. If an owner sells the encumbered land/ home, he ceases to be a member of the association and the new owner is forced to become a member.  Each homeowner is responsible for adhering to the rules and requirements set forth in the C&R for their property.  Each homeowner should read the C&R carefully before beginning any home improvement project. Generally, any change to the landscaping, topography and exterior of a home requires the approval of Architecture Review Board.

Please see the link below to the Covenants and Restriction as they are applicable to all single family residents.  If you have a concern, please contact the HOA Board.

SFSF HOA Rules and Regulations

Shearon Farms By Laws and Covenants (searchable)

Shearon Farms Single Family Articles

Shearon Farms HOA Proxy Form

Shearon Farms Community Map

HOA/Uniform Procedure for Lien Enforcement

HOA Lawn and Plant Bed Guidelines

North Carolina Planned Community Act

Mailbox and Mailbox Post Rules

Mailboxes, posts and numbers are to remain consistent with the rest of the neighborhood. This style with the news paper box is no longer available at local hardware stores. The HOA Board approved a replacement without the newspaper box the “Salsbury Industries: Victorian in Ground Mounted Decorative Mailbox Post “. 

Homeowners that want to match the post design “More Than A Mailbox”  (919-772-7170) can provide custom prices. Homeowner that finds another custom mailbox providers can submit requests for approval to the HOA board.

A less expensive option to the custom design is the “Salisbury Industries Victorian in Ground Mounted Decorative Mailbox Post”. This option was found available online at Home Depot search for item number 202486554.

Finally mailbox numbers need to be white to match other numbers in the neighborhood. The number height should be approximately 2.75″ high.