Architecture Review Board

The Architecture Review Board (ARB) is accountable to the HOA Board of Directors which delegates the responsibility for reviewing all request for architectural changes proposed by residents of the community, interpret the architecture guidelines, approve/deny changes, and advise the Board of Directors on architectural covenant violations.

Please see the links below to the guideline and application.

SF ARB Guidelines

SF ARB Application

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the ARB review?
 All applications for new construction and/or renovations to any single family residential property.  Changes to the property include but not limited to: exterior paint color, additions, decking, basketball goals, children’s playsets, major landscape, etc.   If you have any questions if your project requires ARB approval – please ask Robert Thum.   

What do I need to submit to the ARB?
Applicants need to email or mail a completed SF ARB Application (and include all required documentation) to Architecture Review Board – Robert Thum <> or mail to 9705 Corktree Ct.  Verbal approval is not sufficient as all approvals must be in writing.

How long does it take to get approval?
The ARB meets as required. Owners generally receive a response to their request within ten days of submitting your paperwork.  If no response is received within 45 days, applicant can assume project was approved. 

What are the ARB enforcement procedures?
1. Apparent covenant violations – as reported by any source – must be submitted in writing to either the ARB and/or the Board of Directors for appropriate action.
2. If a violation cannot be resolved, possible sanctions may be levied against the homeowner.  Sample sactions include:
(i) suspension of the right to vote
(ii) recordation of notice of covenant violation with the superior court
(iii) imposition of a fine on a per violation and/or per day basis
(iv) commencement of legal procedures;
(v) correction of the violation by the association with all costs charged to the violator; and/or
(vi) filing a lien for all fines and costs to correct the violation.